When the remaining teeth in an arch are failing or have already been lost, the All-on-Four protocol can be used to place implants and a full-arch of teeth on the same day.

These teeth are used for approximately 6 months during the healing phase, and are then replaced by the definitive bridgework.

How are All-on-4 Dental Implants different from dentures?

As opposed to dentures, All-On-Four dental implants are a permanent set of teeth that look and feel natural, which means:

  • They are permanent teeth that look and feel like natural teeth
  • They are stable, allowing you to bite with increased force – allowing you to eat all of your favorite foods once again
  • No more discomfort, as they don’t press down on your gums like dentures do
  • They allow you to taste and experience your food, as you no longer have to worry about slipping
  • The presence of the implants in the jaw stimulates the bone, thus preventing further bone deterioration
  • No more gagging
  • No more nightly removal and cleaning
  • No more messy, sticky adhesives!

John Moorhouse has been at the forefront of the development of this technique and has helped Nobel-Biocare Implant Manufacturer improve the procedure.

Meet John Moorhouse

(Below photos courtesy of John Moorhouse)

Before and After

all on four