The practice & team

Our purpose is our patients.

Our purpose is to provide you with ultimate dental care and ensure you receive the very best treatment that modern dentistry has to offer today.

We have disabled access via a ramp leading to the practice door and also two ground floor treatment rooms. 

Listen to our patient's stories and experiences at Apollonia House.

    The practice & team

    Meet the team

    At Apollonia House we have a very professional and friendly team who put you first.

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      The practice & team

      Visions & values

      Our vision is simple: we put you at the heart of everything we do. We understand the need for you to feel relaxed and will explain your treatment to you without the dentistry jargon.

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        The practice & team

        Dental phobia

        At Apollonia House we understand some people feel anxious about their trip to the dentist. We've put together a list of tips and tricks to help you feel at ease about your appointment.

          The practice & team

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          Our experienced dentists, along with the rest of the team, work together, using the latest technology to provide the best dental care and techniques. Patients are fully catered to thanks to our wide range of cosmetic dental services and procedures.

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