Bone Grafting

Occasionally, it may be necessary to increase the amount of bone available to place an implant into.

Small defects can be repaired with augmentation at the time of implant placement, however, large defects require bone to be grafted. Usually taken from another part of the jaw bone, the graft is carefully positioned and allowed to heal for 3 months.

If you need bone grafting, it will almost invariably increase the length of time your treatment will take, however when successfully applied it will greatly improve the outcome of the implant(s) placed. When used in the front of the mouth it can also allow for creation of very much better aesthetics.

Bone grafting requires a considerably higher degree of skill from the operator and is often more complex to perform than the placement of the implant itself.

John Moorhouse has been trained to perform bone grafting and has several years experience of the procedure.

Normal implant placement can then be performed. For more information visit the Association of Dental Implantology website