Children’s Dentistry

As a family dentist we like to make sure your children also have healthy teeth from the moment the first one comes through.

Dental care should begin at an early age. Plaque will begin to form as soon as a child’s first tooth arrives. Brushing teeth twice a day, a balanced diet and regular check ups at the dentist are essential to ensuring healthy teeth and gums for life.

It is recommended to bring your child  for inspections from an early age with the date of their first examination around 2 years old. Do not wait until they have toothache.

Fore more information visit the NHS website

Portman care

Protecting your child’s teeth by planning for their routine examinations and hygiene visits and makes their treatment more affordable by spreading payment throughout the year. View more details

Provides your child with strong teeth and good dental health.
Prevents little problems becoming big problems.
Familiarises your child with visiting the dentist.
Allows for preventative treatments and education for a life of healthy problem free teeth.