For us to do the best for your child, we ask that you read this information and comply as much as possible.

  • Please do not call the local anaesthetic a “needle”; we call it a “magic wand” as this is much less scary to the children
  • We use “magic paste” that goes on the gum to make it numb before the magic wand is used
  • Try to reassure your child that dentistry is fine, try not to say words like pain, hurt etc.
  • A passive role is preferable otherwise the child can get restless and distracted

Help us to help your child

We would never force your child into doing something they didn’t want to.
Let your child speak for him or herself as much as possible. This enhances their communication skills and allows them to get to know and trust the team.
Please don’t offer sweets as a bribe to come to the dentist.
Your co-operation will be much appreciated by all concerned.

We thank you for your cooperation & patience.

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Preventing tooth decay:

Four simple rules
1. Avoid sugar between meals

  • How often you have sugar matters more than how much sugar you have.
  • An average person can have sugar three times per day without the teeth decaying.
  • Each time you have sugar, the teeth are attacked for 45 minutes afterwards
  • Between attacks on the teeth, your saliva tries to repair the teeth.
  • Drinking fizzy drinks and any type of juice can result in tooth decay!

2. Avoid sugar at bedtime
When you go to sleep your saliva dries up, and the attack on the teeth lasts longer.

3. Brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste

  • This cleans bacteria off the teeth, removes food debris
  • Fluoride strengthens the tooth surface, resisting tooth decay

4. Leave a very small amount of toothpaste on the teeth at night
The mouth dries up when you go to sleep, so when you clean your teeth last thing at night just spit out excess toothpaste and do not rinse. The toothpaste then stays on your teeth. Used this way, the fluoride toothpaste halves tooth decay.

If you would like any further information or you are interested in a one to one chat with our Oral Health Advisor, Please contact reception