Wrinkle Reduction

What to expect with Anti-wrinkle Therapy

  • Botulinum Toxin Type A (commonly termed as Botox) works on the Neuro-Muscular Junction and inhibits the ability of the muscle to contract, thus reducing lines and wrinkles. This is  temporary  and usually lasts for a period of 3-4 months
  • Once  injected,  the Botox will take approximately 3-4 days to start working. Clients may feel a slight tightening of the areas injected. It is not painful and will generally disappear of the course of a day or 2.  Botox is at its height of action at day 14, when a review will be offered to the client to check the affect of treatment.  At this time, the client may be offered  additional  Botox
  • This treatment is non-permanent  and  by 3-4 months, full action of the muscles will return.  If Botox is used regularly over a period of 2-3 years, research indicates that treatments may last longer, in some cases, up to 6 months.  Botox  maybe used in conjunction with Dermal Fillers, in areas that lines remain when the dynamic movement has ceased through the use of Botox, but the line or wrinkle remains, in particular, the frown lines
  • Treatment for Hyperhydrosis is very effective.  Botox is injected to the axilla (arm pits). This is not painful and  will generally last 4-6 months
  • Other possible treatments that  I am able to offer are Microdermabrasion  (I liken it to the scale and polish for the skin) Skin Peels and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments, commonly known as The Vampire Face Lift.  These treatments will all require additional equipment and therefore  they are things we can discuss at a future date