“Reconstruction” sounds quite ominous doesn’t it!

Sometimes, if there are several teeth requiring extensive treatment or removal, or if there has been excessive tooth wear (which is becoming much┬ámore common today) then it can be necessary to restore the mouth as “a whole”.

This process involves a complete assessment to determine the current condition of the bite, gums, soft-tissues, jaw-joint and muscles and, of course, the teeth themselves.

A treatment plan can then be formulated to work to a goal of rebuilding the mouth so that function, appearance and comfort are optimal for the individual.

At Apollonia House we are able to offer this type of treatment in our relaxed and comfortable surroundings and will combine treatment disciplines that allow us to use, for example, orthodontics, periodontics, occlusal therapy and implants to achieve the end result.

Modern materials and techniques (particularly adhesive techniques) enable teeth to be saved where previously removal may have been the only option!