How do I become a patient at Apollonia House?

Please contact reception (01457 821800)
They will discuss your needs and book a 30 minute consultation appointment for you with one of our dentists.

How much does treatment cost?

Click here to view our list of professional fees.
You will be given a more accurate pricing when your dentist has discussed treatment with you.

Do you offer NHS treatment?

Apollonia House is 100% private treatment.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs

Will my treatment hurt?

We ensure you are correctly anaesthetised for your treatment. We will not proceed until you are comfortable!

How do I get to Apollonia House

We are located on the A670 between Mossley and Uppermill
Our postcode is OL4 4HA, if asked for a house number please use 166 as 167 is not recognised by all sat navs.
Check HERE for additional details
Contact reception 01457 821800 if you have any queries relating to getting to us!

What if I get pain out-of-hours?

Please phone the normal number (01457) 821800 and leave a message with your name and contact details.
We will contact you ASAP and arrange an appointment to see you43

I haven't seen a dentist for some time, will you tell me off?

We will not reprimand you for the condition of your teeth.
We are here to advise and help you with your oral health, not to criticise!
We will provide you with the options available to you and allow you to choose how YOU wish to proceed.

Will I get pain after the anaesthetic wears off?

Some procedures, e.g. tooth removal will be painful afterwards. This can usually be controlled with simple over-the-counter painkillers.

Your dentist will discuss the appropriate after-care with you before the end of your appointment.

Is it easy to park?

We have our own private car park with space for over 20 cars.

Is everything clean?

We operate under the Department of Health’s HTM-0105 “Cross infection control in dentistry” directive

We run a Central Sterilisation room which allows us to keep the surgeries as clean and un-cluttered as possible

All our reuseable instruments are autoclaved and sterilized after each use in vacuum autoclaves

Our “single-use” instruments are disposed of after each use e.g needles

All rooms/ equipment are disinfected as per HTM-0105 and the manufacturer’s instructions

If you wish to know any specifics, please ask, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Are the surgeries on the ground floor?

Apollonia House is on one floor with easy access for wheelchairs.

We comply with Approved Document M for access and use of buildings.

We have a wheelchair on-site should you require it: Please inform reception and we’ll have it waiting for your arrival.

How do I pay?

We accept cash and all major credit/ debit cards.

We can accept cheques, but time must be allowed for the payment to clear i.e. 3-5 working days before the appointment.

We also offer a Direct-Debit service allowing you to spread payments over several months.

We normally require a deposit when setting up the Direct Debit; the balance being split over the term of the agreement.

We do NOT charge interest, nor do we charge a set up fee.

AND because we operate the Direct Debit system in-house you can be flexible with your payments e.g add further treatments or pay off “chunks” which can then shorten or reduce the payments.